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Our connecting device is a completely MADE IN ITALY product, which has been patented with a brainchild patent thanks to the innovation inside the compositions and thanks to the many technical improvements put upon it.
Starting from the fundamental of the joint, we can surely say that the anatomy of a normal connecting device has been completely tip over. We can compare this product to a human body articulation, for examples a knee or an elbow. Without this articulation, the human body is not able to move. Our device is the anatomy of your lamp, it is an articulation needed to orient what you want with no limit. Consequently, all the structure’s problems have been radically shot down. 

We really please you to miss all about you know around the connecting devices. Get over all you know about that misery junction, which can only put together two pieces. Forget you all of this and let you be carried away by a sensorial balance which hold-on design, clean line and extraordinary technical performance. At first, you will see the change, and then all the senses will be shocked in front of so many equilibrium, power, strength and precision. All this entire is perfectly balance using an unnatural naturalness. The same of the baby, when he recognized for the first time to be able to run.




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