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CNC automatic lathes Brescia Italy


Because I was born in Italy and I live in Italy
Because I have Italian employees and Italian collaborators
Because I have only suppliers which produce in Italy
Our customers buy our products because they want to be assure to have original Italian goods.

The using of “MADE IN ITALY” trademark means a lot for us. It is necessary. We have to, and we are proud to commend the quality of our products, which take on a life of one’s own into our smart and clever Italy, concerning the applied mechanics technologies sector.

We please you to pay attention on what we say. It is not validating the “MADE IN ITALY” Products, that peoples are obligated to buy this kind of wares. The customer has the assignment to find a good reason, which push and encourage him or her to buy Metal-Turning Gregorelli goods. The customer is inviolable; the customer must be respected and not short-changed.



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